About Us

2017 marked a moment for men’s grooming. Gillette went in the bin and Harry’s was in. £5 buzz cuts went, skin fades came. Sharp beard lines, clean skin and good smells rose up the agenda. Men got fancy with themselves.

But let’s not forget, generations of men before us had already realized the value of self care in post-war Britain. A visit to the barber for a hot shave was a frequent and inexpensive moment of peace and reflection. The morning mirror ritual with a brush, foam and cutthroat was a necessary pause before the assault of the day. Men had always been fancy out of necessity, but when did it get so expensive?

A row of chairs in front of mirrors in a barbershop

Barber shops were designed to be homely places where men could come in, relax and take their minds off the hard days work.” - London School of Barbering

In 2017, I saw that for the discerning modern man, Dollar Shave Club was soulless and honing and stropping grandad’s old razor wasn’t going to work.

That’s why I created The Cambridge Cutthroat. To facilitate fanciness for a modern time with an affordable range of quality shaving tools and accompaniments. We help you to keep being fancy whilst paying homage to those before us who needed a grooming ritual, long before Zoom calls and midday showers.

We curate the good stuff from the four corners so you don’t have to. 

We believe that when caring for something as personal as your face, quality must come first. 

With thousands of happy customers worldwide, The Cambridge Cutthroat embodies the qualities of tradition, convenience, value for money and craftsmanship to deliver a shaving experience like no other.

Browse our product selection today; I hope you can find just what your face deserves.


James Stott headshot

James Stott, Founder