Frequently Asked Questions

Do your razors come with blades?

Our razors do not come with blades included, however blades are available to purchase with your order.

What type of blades do I need?

For cut-throat razors, you can purchase either single or double edge razors. If you purchase double edge razor blades, you'll need to snap them into two single edge blades when they're still inside the wrapper. Take a look at the videos on our homepage to learn how to insert the blades into your cut-throat razor. For safety razors, you need a whole double edge razor blade.

Will my order require age verification?

If your order includes blades, you may be required to verify your age on delivery.

Where are your products made?

Our razors, shaving bowl, and brush are designed in Cambridge, UK, and manufactured in South Asia.

When will you launch more products?

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